Author Topic: [HowTo] Podizanje fajl servera od 8TB  (Read 5037 times)


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[HowTo] Podizanje fajl servera od 8TB
« on: August 17, 2011, 10:01:29 am »
Post pocinje sa pregledom konfiguracije i sta se na kraju dobija, pa preko koriscenja fdisk, disklabel, kreiranje raid particija i ostalog. Koristi se nekoliko RAID nivoa i na kraju se dobija stabilan fajl server sa NetBSD sistemom i nekih 7.3TB prostora konfigurisanih u RAID5. Svima onima kojima treba mala pomoc u konfigurisanju multi-terabajtnog fajl severa ovo moze biti od pomoci. ;)

Setting up an 8TB NetBSD file server



Time to update my home fileserver. Budget: under £500, minimise power usage, noise & size, maximisie disk space.

With current prices that means 2TB disks - five is the natural number to give a power of two data stripe with RAID5. So some quick browsing later:

  -  One HP MicroServer (~£140 after rebate)
  -  5 * 2TB disks (~£55 each)
  -  3.5 to 5.25 mounting adaptor (~£2)
  -  PCI-Express network card (~£8)

Assemble the box - HP still love their bizarre internal hex headed screws, but at least in this case the door has all of them you would need in a neat row, complete with the hex head allen key - nice.

Next, install NetBSD to a cheap USB key - just boot a standard install CD and run through the steps & setup to allow remote root ssh. Alternatively download a live ISO image - either way the goal is to have something you can boot and then work on in a laptop window from the comfort of the sofa.

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